These typographic horoscopes are hilariously accurate


Picking the right font isn’t a simple task – you need to make sure the font matches your project and is consistent with the other elements of your work. But you no longer just have to worry about aesthetics when using a font, apparently, it can also say a lot about your personality.

Yes, the fonts you choose to use in your work say a lot about you and the way you think. As ItsNiceThat asks, can your serif self be compatible with a partner whose moon is sans serif? Well, now you can find out. Whether you use Times New Roman or Papyrus, you can now check what your #1 typeface says about you, and the font you choose will even give you tips on how to live your life – yes, it is. a typographic zodiac. If you’re not sure which fonts to use in your projects, why not check out our roundup of the best free fonts available.

The Times New Roman Zodiac Chart

We’re so here for those elaborate typography-centric graphics (Image credit: Ryan Haskins/ItsNiceThat)

To learn your typographic zodiac, simply go to ItsNiceThat (opens in a new tab), where you can choose from Arial, Times New Roman, Druk, Calibri, Futura, Comic Sans, Ofform, Whyte/Whyte Inktrap and Papyrus. The site will then tell you about your aesthetic, personality traits, what to look out for in the next few months, and even how to ask your lover out on a date – we know it’s hard to believe that you can get all this information from a Font.

The wonderfully garish graphics of each font were designed by artist Ryan Haskins (opens in a new tab)and every horoscope was written by Rebecca Fulleylove (opens in a new tab). The designs are bursting with color and character, and no doubt a little busy, but we love them all the same. Honestly, the whole page is a typography nerd’s dream.

The Zodiac Typographic Graphic for Comic Sans

Comic Sans Gives Us Serious Baby Energy (Image credit: Ryan Haskins)

I’m a Futura user myself, and I’m a little freaked out by the accuracy of my prediction with its attention to detail and my “hyper-organized nature” (yikes, that lackluster I sound). This isn’t the first design-based personality test we’ve seen – in August, the retro-style color personality quiz took over TikTok, and Pantone released a birthday chart that revealed your Pantone shade .

Whether or not your typographic zodiac is accurate, we found it quite amusing to think about how a font has a kind of spiritual power. If you’re looking for fonts that will make your favorites stand out, be sure to check out our roundup of the best font pairings.

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