The incredible architectural drawings of self-taught artist Demi Lang



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British artist Demi Lang specializes in architectural drawings so precise and detailed that it’s hard to believe that she is self-taught. For over 15 years, Lang has produced his incredible India ink drawings, pens and pencils. The results are mixed media drawings that tell the story of local and international architecture.

Lang’s passion for drawing and enthusiasm for structures met quite easily, with the artist constantly looking for new places to draw. “I’m in awe of the architects and craftspeople who construct these buildings and I’m interested in the history behind them,” she told My Modern Met. “When you stop and watch closely, there is so much to see. “

Walking both through the towns she visits and studying reference photographs, Lang carefully selects which piece of architecture to draw next. She is particularly drawn to the way light falls on buildings and creates beautiful reflections and shadows. She aims to capture architecture when bathed in sunlight.

Given the realism of his designs, it should come as no surprise that Lang has amassed many followers online. She often posts her work in progress on Instagram, where nearly 35,000 fans admire her illustrations. Through close-up videos and photographs it is possible to see how she works with fine line pens and adds finishing touches of gold with small brushes.

Lang is quite open with his fans about his creative process and has an open dialogue that allows them to ask questions. Whether it’s asking about the paper she uses (Strathmore Toned Gray) or her favorite gold paint (Liquitex Acrylic Ink in Iridescent Shiny Gold), she is an open book about her creative process. She even has an Amazon storefront where you can see all of her recommended materials.

Through her work, Lang hopes people will feel her passion for architecture and be as enthusiastic as she is for the details of each building. “My intention is to bring my subject to life on paper and I hope the viewer will experience it and be able to appreciate the wonderful architectural details in a realistic and sympathetic form. I also try to make more ordinary buildings more interesting to the viewer by using light, shadow and details.

If you are in love with his designs and want to support his art, Lang sells original designs and prints through his website and Etsy.

Demi Lang is known for her detailed architectural drawings.

Demi Lang architectural drawingArtist creating an architectural drawing

She often shares her creative process with her fans on Instagram.

Work in progress on architectural drawingDemi Lang architectural drawingArchitectural drawings by Demi LangDetailed drawing of gothic windowDemi Lang architectural drawingEnglish house drawingDrawing of a british houseEnglish house drawing

Lang uses a mixture of pen, pencil and India ink to create these mixed media drawings.

Architectural drawings by Demi LangPen and ink drawingDetailed architectural drawingDemi Lang architectural drawingDetail architectural drawingDemi Lang: Website | Instagram | Facebook | Etsy

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