The exhibition celebrates water through art, photographs, poems


CHENNAI: As part of the waterfest seminar in DakshinaChitra, an exhibition entitled Water In Images was organized. The exhibition will see paintings, photographs, poems and videos by artists Aparajithan Adimoolam, Bhavani GS and Parvathi Nayar.

The sea is the backdrop for Aparajithan paintings – he uses the landscape to set the context for the painting. “Evolution is centered around water. The human experience is shaped by the sea, our desires, hopes and despairs are shaped by encounters with the sea. Being from Chennai, I have always lived close to the sea and the physical presence of a vast plan water has both physiological and psychological effects on me. For this exhibition, I categorized my paintings as — akam and puram. I have about 10 watercolors for akam, the inner world of feeling and abstraction.

One of the works that I will present for the concept of puram is entitled “Flight into Egypt”. It is a famous iconography in western art, the painting is about refugees and their difficult and often tragic journey across the sea. long, its imprints in time remain only like some pottery. The third painting is about war and the death of innocent people,” says Aparajithan Adimoolam.

Artist Parvathi feels special to be part of the water festival because the subject of water is a common thread in her artistic creation. “The vocabulary of water functions as both literal and metaphorical pointers in my work. I believe water is a liquid lens that can shine a light on urban memory, the zeitgeist of the times we live in, and also more utopian possibilities. The works in the exhibition address multiple aspects of water, from its position as a threatened and limited resource, to its role in interconnected earth ecosystems, to being a substance of deep spiritual essence.

“One of the key works is Lost and Found inspired by Kerala’s flood rehabilitation process and features images of Devakoottu, the only theyyam performance art form that is performed by women. This work has an accompanying video with an alapana soundtrack sung by Vidushi Sangeetha Shivkumar which will also be screened during the show. The exhibition also features my works of photographic poetry on water and iconic pieces – detailed black and white graphite drawings – that explore the physical and invisible worlds of water,” she says.


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