The artist’s continuous line drawings have hidden objects in the composition


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abstract artist Tyler Foust is known for his intricate line drawings formed from a continuous, non-intersecting line. A quote on his website even dubs him “Redditis the most voted artist,” and it’s not hard to see why. “Lines direct the eyes and can create interesting illusions,” Foust told My Modern Met. And that’s why the artist has been fascinated by line art since he was just a child. But this fascination did not immediately lead him to pursue a life as an artist. In fact, what began as a simple pastime to keep one’s mind focused during graduate school classes eventually evolved into a unique style of art-making that is utterly captivating in its tangled complexity.

“Our classes lasted four hours, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to give my attention to classes for that long unless I found an activity that would keep my mind in check,” Foust says of his time in as a graduate student. Health administration. “So I had the idea of ​​drawing repetitive lines during class. I would create a few simple rules that dictated where to place my lines so that I didn’t have to put a lot of brain power into the art. idea was to draw on “autopilot” without predetermining what the final piece would look like.”

The entertainer made sure to explain what he was doing to his teachers ahead of time to make sure they knew this activity was keeping him engaged rather than creating a distraction. And when his cache of doodles started to grow into quite a collection, Foust decided to start documenting his designs on Instagram before tossing them in the trash. The artist only began to understand the value of his work when he saw the reactions he was getting on social media, with an ‘internet stranger’ even offering to buy several of his pieces for hundreds. of dollars.

From this point Foust began to take his work a little more seriously and even endeavored to develop and refine his own unique style. “I decided to recreate my style by composing images constructed from a non-intersecting line”, explains the artist. “By a line, I don’t mean that I didn’t lift the pen. I just mean that the image itself was made up of one giant line. I fell in love with the one-line style and started incorporating shapes with negative space.

Line art with hidden objects and pictures

Later, after a foreign company started selling his artwork on clothes without his permission, Foust started hiding his signature (TFOUST) somewhere inside each of his one-line pieces. . Then, he realized he could actually hide a lot more and began scattering a variety of hidden images throughout his line drawings, including everything from animals to miscellaneous objects and even names.

And because each piece is so intricate, each of Foust’s line drawings begins with a detailed draft. “The draft is the most important part because once I’ve committed to the final piece, I can’t make any mistakes,” explains the artist. “I can’t erase the pen on the canvas. With the more complex pieces, I spend a lot of time figuring out where to move my line next. The hardest part is trying not to cut my line path. It’s like playing Snake, but losing is much more frustrating.

But despite this, Foust has learned to appreciate every piece of the puzzle that goes into making one of his intricate works of art. However, this has not always been the case. “Ironically, I never liked art classes in school,” Foust admits. “I always felt the focus was on an end product, and that stressed me out… The moment I started to excel spectacularly was the moment I realized how to appreciate the process more than my expectations for the end result.Once I mastered this concept, my style formed organically.

Scroll down to see some of Foust’s intricate continuous line drawing works and see if you can find the hidden objects scattered throughout his line drawing compositions. To learn more about the artist, follow him on instagram. And you can even get one of his works by visiting his shop on Etsy.

Abstract artist Tyler Foust creates intricate line art and even includes hidden objects in his intricate compositions.

Tyler Foust Continuous Line Drawing ArtTyler Foust Continuous Line Drawing ArtLine art with hidden objects and pictures

The artist also hides his signature somewhere in each of his line drawings.

Line art with hidden objects and picturesLine art with hidden objects and picturesTyler Foust Continuous Line Drawing ArtLine art with hidden objects and pictures

Each part is drawn using a continuous line that does not cross.

Tyler Foust Continuous Line Drawing ArtTyler Foust Continuous Line Drawing ArtTyler Foust Continuous Line Drawing ArtTyler Foust Continuous Line Drawing ArtTyler Foust: Website | instagram | Etsy

My Modern Met granted permission to use photos of Tyler Foust.

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