The annual Chitra Santhe event, with its slogan Art for all, will return for its 17th outing on Sunday



Against all trends, the 17th edition of Chitra Santhe should once again attract crowds this Sunday. Held on the first Sunday of the year, this annual art fair is expected to attract around 4 lakh of visitors this year, up from 3.5 lakh last year. The Karnataka Chitrakala Parish (CKP), the organizer of Santhe, dedicated this year’s edition to farmers. “As a sign of solidarity with the farmers and their difficulties, we have dedicated this to them,” said one of the organizers of Chitra Santhe, Harish Padmanabha. By the way, last year Santhe commemorated the 150th anniversary of the birth of Mahatma Gandhi.

Around 1,400 stalls have been reserved to occupy Kumara Krupa Road outside CKP, its alleys as well as the premises of the first art school. At least 1,500 artists from across the state and nation will converge here for a day-long visual art feast on various mediums, priced at nominal. Regulars at La Santhe are now well acquainted with the works of artists who have participated in it for years. Most of these artists, especially those in small towns and neighborhoods, typically sell more work that day than the rest of the year. Commenting on economy du Santhe, Padhmanabha said that it is impossible to quantify the volume of transactions carried out. “As the CKP is just a platform to connect artists to the public, it’s hard to guess what sales have been made. As he postulated, even if a booth keeps twenty or so works of art on display, there will be an average of thirty thousand works. “I would say the business will be huge. Last year’s sales were expected to be around Rs 3 crore.

On the sidelines, CKP announced the “Chitrakala Sanman” awards to artists, four state awards and one national award, named after its founder, Professor MS Nanjunda Rao, which will be awarded the night before. The national award recipient is RB Bhaskar, a senior artist from Chennai, who will also receive a sum of Rs 1 lakh. The state laureates are artists HN Suresh, S Krishnappa, Ganesh Somayaji and Vijay Hagaragundagi. There will also be an art exhibit in CKP’s four exhibition galleries showcasing the landscapes of Bengaluru. Organized by art historian Suresh Jayaram, this exhibition is a dedication to the iconic artist of Karnataka, Rumale Channabasavaiah. “Exhibits in these galleries will help visitors to the Santhe understand the aesthetics of fine art,” Padhmanabha commented.

Besides the art exhibition stands, there will be artistic performances as well as cartoonists sought after by visitors for personalized caricatures. Although the local Santhe is unique, it was the efforts of former CKP director KS Appajaiah that were inspired to kick off this Nandan Mela-style event, an event that takes place annually at Viswabharati University. in Shantiniketan, West Bengal. Today, Chitra Santhe has evolved into what Padmanabha calls a “take-off platform for artists across the country”. The many success stories from the Santhe testify to this generalization.

Attend Chitra Santhe, January 5, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., at CKP, Kumara Krupa Road

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