NTUC Income Updates Logo, New ‘Ubuntu’ Slogan Typography Reflects Brand Promise, Says CMO


In keeping with its updated tagline unveiled yesterday, NTUC Income will be tweaking its logo as part of its rebranding efforts. Paying homage to its original logo, Income said it injected a “modern twist” into its logo pantone and typography selection. The new logo (pictured below right) features the new slogan “Made Yours” in blue. The font used for the tagline is “Ubuntu”, which gives the logo a more contemporary feel. The word “Ubuntu” means “I am, because you are” in Zulu, which is meant to reflect Income’s new brand promise, where Income seeks to understand its consumers and act in their best interest.

In an exclusive interview with INTERACTIVE-MARKETING, Marcus Chew, CMO of Income, said: “Orange remains primarily the main color of our Income brand. Aesthetically, [the blue] also nicely complements the vibrant orange Income. If you notice, we’ve also tweaked Income Orange to a slightly warmer tone for both symbolic and practical reasons – to convey warmth and energy, and to be able to match it with a wider range of colors. .”

Regarding the tagline, Chew explains that the color blue was chosen because it represents confidence, which reflects Income’s aspiration as a personal financial planner.

income logo new

The new logo with the updated slogan “Made Yours” represents the commitment to Income’s emphasis on customer centricity, Chew said. The brand aims to make financial planning simple and effortless and it also wants to be a trusted brand where its consumers can be sure it will be there, understanding and anticipating their needs with the right tools and advice they need, in good times and bad times. . “‘Made Yours’ is our brand promise to put customers back in control while being empathetic, inclusive and empowering for everyone,” Chew added.

The Income brand refresh comes as it recognizes that consumers are more diverse than ever and are carving out different lives for themselves. “Consumer expectations and needs are changing, and one-size-fits-all insurance is becoming obsolete,” Chew said. In addition, customers are digital-first, their needs are linked to their lifestyle and they increasingly favor self-service, expect flexibility and personalization. Thus, there is the ability to personalize offers and experiences to speak to customers in a way that resonates with them.

To meet these changing consumer needs, Income wants to evolve from a “Made Different” insurer to a “Made Yours” business, taking a personal approach to financial planning, through service, products, sales and service. hyper relevant and hyper personalized. style of engagement, tailored to the individual. Income’s previous slogan “Made Different” was used by the brand for about 12 years.

To promote its new brand image, Income launched an integrated branding campaign in collaboration with BBH Singapore. The campaign will be led by a two-minute film, meant to celebrate the distinct experiences and life journeys of different people. The film, which was shot using a nano-drone, shows how diverse the lives of Singaporeans are despite living side by side, and how no two moments are experienced in the same way way, just as the financial needs of two Singaporeans are not the same. The film will be launched on free-to-air TV, Singtel TV and in cinemas, and supported by social and digital channels.

Going forward, Income will invest in data, technology and people to enable us to better understand and anticipate our customers’ needs, so that our customers can make the best possible financial decisions for themselves, at different stages of life and for various needs through their preferred income channels seamlessly. Strategically, “Made Yours” also sets the tone culturally for us to be nimble and customer-centric in our approach and solutions as we strive to meet all financial needs.

Income also aims to be more accurate in identifying and meeting customer financial needs – through progressive customer profiling and life stage mapped data, psychographics application, interaction history on our online footprints and offline, enhanced by our unique stack of data technology to make financial planning personalized and simple for clients.

“The purpose of income has always been to provide access to insurance for people in Singapore, including the unserved and underserved, and this will remain the foundation of our existence. What will change is how which we will pivot and adapt to our evolving operating environment/landscape to refine our ability to expand access,” Chew said. INTERACTIVE-MARKETING.

“The traditional approach to insurance is through segmentation (e.g. women, wealth, seniors), but with hyper-personalization we will have the ability to identify specific behavioral trends or customer signals (online and offline) on the individual and allow us to respond more precisely to customer needs. Take for example the women’s segment, the trend is that no two women are the same. With hyper-personalization, we will have signals from a mother of a young child who is just browsing insurance-related information from 10 p.m. and another career-oriented DINK (double income without children) accesses life insurance and legacy building offers in the early evening via coffee with an advisor,” Chew explained. With this new information, Income will be able to use a more targeted approach to ensure it reaches customers with the right information, at the right time and through their preferred channels.

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