Instagram rolls out new logo, typography and more in visual refresh

  • instagram is rolling out a new typeface, inspired by several global scripts.
  • The new font is called ‘Without Instagram‘.
  • According to the company, the new design puts content front and center, emphasizing self-expression.

In a bid to give its app a visual refresh, Meta-owned photo-sharing platform Instagram has announced that it’s introducing a brighter icon alongside its own typography.

The company said its new design system puts content front and center, emphasizing simplicity and self-expression.

“We are bringing new energy and purpose to our colors, font, logo and other brand elements with a refreshed visual identity. Our new system is designed to embrace continuous evolution to help us create more immersive experiences. and inclusive for our community,” Instagram said. in a report.

The platform mentioned that its new typeface, Instagram Sans, is designed with heritage in mind and includes several global scripts.

“Our vibrant gradient has been redesigned using an innovative 3D modeling process to make it lit up and alive. The Instagram gradient, made up of our brand colors, is the foundation of our comprehensive color system.

“Through lighting, the gradient signals moments of discovery in our marketing, logo, and even in the app, as seen in Create mode, stickers, and instagram story rings. We’re excited to bring the Instagram experience to life with the energy of our reimagined gradient.”

Instagram Sans is a new way for the global business community to express themselves on Instagram in places like Stories and Reels.

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