China Photographs Mysterious Cube on Moon, People Think ‘Alien Hut’



In one of the strangest recent lunar discoveries, the National Space Administration of China, or CNSA, discovered what appears to be a strange, right-sided object protruding from the moon’s surface.

The cube-shaped feature was spotted on the other side of the moon by the Chinese rover Yutu-2, with the object appearing about 80 meters from the rover’s last parking spot overnight.

The Chinese have now reportedly sent the rover to take a closer look at the object, which is said to be sitting on the edge of a crater.

Plots are rife, with many believing it could be an alien crash site.

What do the Chinese say about the “space hut”?

The mysterious image was captured by the CNSA

The CNSA said, “This object pierced through the twists and turns of the skyline, like a ‘mysterious hut’ that appeared out of nowhere,” the site said.

“There was a large ‘baby’ impact crater next to it.

“Is this a house built by aliens after the crash landing?” Or is it the pioneering spacecraft of the predecessors for exploring the moon? “

The Yutu-2 rover made history as the very first far-side soft landing on the Moon when it landed in January 2019, having left Earth just under a month earlier.

Is the “space hut” a sign of extraterrestrial life?

Disappointingly, the “hut” is currently believed to be a rock that was lodged out of place by something impacting the moon’s surface, possibly another rock.

Speaking to Inside Outer Space, Philip Stooke, professor in the Department of Geography and the Institute for Earth and Space Exploration at the University of Western Ontario, said: “Yutu 2 will be a bit more come on now, heading towards that crater. “

Unfortunately, experts say the new image is not proof of alien life

“The Chinese media is very keen to find all kinds of weird things on the moon. We tend to think that they are all tightly controlled and just repeat the party line, but there are a ton of things that transform every news item in one sensational headline… alien bases, millions of tons of priceless metals or unspecified substances, plots on western interests in space and everything in between.

He says, it’s nothing more than click bait.

Stooke added, “I’m not surprised that a boulder that in low-res images looks roughly square and is presented as a hut or some other type of building.”

“Scientifically, the rock could be interesting, and I expect it or nearby rocks on the crater rim will be studied in detail when they reach it in early 2022. But it won’t look like a rock. hut.”



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