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Named after the stiff bite of their namesake dog, bulldog clips are a versatile tool for any organized soul. Typically made of metal, these spring-loaded clips can be used to temporarily bind documents together, but they also have many art-specific purposes: use them to attach watercolor paper to a board, display photographs, or hold pages pressed down when drawing outdoors. Not all bulldog clips are built equally, and we’ve found the most reliable for different needs.

1. X-Acto Bulldog clips

It’s hard to find a clip that outperforms those made by X-Acto. Made of nickel-plated steel, these clamps are the perfect studio accessory. And at 2.25 inches wide, they provide a versatile clamping area. They have strong springs but release easily; They hold well but don’t pinch. You can use them to hold treated papers, from photo paper to pastel paper, and rest assured they won’t damage your art.

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X-Acto Bulldog Clamps


2. Coideal Bulldog Clips

If aesthetics are a big factor, we love these sleek clips from Coideal. Unlike the X-Acto product, these are brand-free; you can buy them in a simple matte black or white. The clamping area is narrower than our top pick, so it has less gripping power, but it’s still a finely crafted clip that will serve you well.

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Coideal Bulldog Clips


3. Juvale Stainless Steel Bulldog Clips

If you need a lot of clips or tend to misplace them frequently, we recommend this set, which offers 150 bulldog clips at an affordable price. Made from stainless steel and measuring just under an inch wide, these pliers are small but secure. It’s not the most durable option on our list, but you won’t have to feel too precious to pick one up or give a handful.

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Juvale Stainless Steel Bulldog Tongs


4. Tim Holtz Idea-ology Hinge Clips

Tim Holtz’s clips aren’t very strong by any means, but they’re great little supplies for small jobs. Each clip measures just 0.875 by 0.875 inches and has a satin nickel finish that gives them a slightly rustic look. They are ideal for hanging individual photographs or as alternatives to thumbtacks. Avoid overloading them, however, as the clamps could leave dents on your belongings.

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Tim Holtz Idea-ology Hinge Clips


5. Ellepi Spring Clips

Office supply junkies know that using fun organizational tools makes keeping things tidy easier. From cult Italian brand Ellipi, known for their beautiful and durable powder coated metal office supplies, here are these sturdy bulldog clips. Available in nine colors and four sizes, these clips can be reused endlessly for papers, chip bags and even, thanks to a mounting hole in the back, for hanging artwork. We love this extra-wide, twelve-centimeter-long clamp in distressed black for its usable width and subtly vintage look.

The Best Bulldog Clips for Binding Papers

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