Ballycastle photographer receives letter addressed to “Anne, who takes pictures of Fair Head”



When seven-year-old Cora Kelly Bell wrote a surprise letter to her grandmother in Northern Ireland, she decided to issue the postman a special challenge.

Cora, who lives in Stirling, Scotland, addressed her letter simply to “Anne, who takes pictures of Fair Head, Ballycastle, N Ireland”.

Grandmother Anne Kelly was stunned when the letter fell in her mailbox less than 24 hours later.

Anne is a passionate amateur photographer who has built a solid reputation for her images of the scenic North Antrim coast. She specializes in photos of Fair Head, a stunning cliff near her home in Ballycastle.

She explained: “My daughter Orla lives in Scotland with Cora and her sister Sarah. I would miss them and I would miss them.

“They wrote us little letters quite often, little pictures that the girls had done and published them for me and my husband Brian.

“Then I would take a little video of Brian opening the letters and send it back to Orla for the girls to see.

“They talked about me and how I took pictures of Fair Head and was pretty famous for it, so they thought I would be happy if they wrote a letter.

“Cora wrote the message on the inside, then they talked about what they would write on the outside of the envelope. So they thought they would just put “Anne, taking pictures of Fair Head, Ballycastle”.

She added: “They put a first class stamp on it and sent it from Stirling. They thought there was no way it would get to us, they thought it would get lost in the mail.

“They posted it at 11am one day and it arrived with me within 24 hours.

“It was a challenge for the postman to see if he could get the letter to Grandma. The postman passed it with flying colors.

“It has just been placed in the mailbox. I saw it and thought it was someone who wanted to ask me something about a photo I had taken.

“After I opened it, I texted the postman, telling him I hoped it wasn’t too much of a problem, and he said it was a collective effort from the post office to get it. make sure it reaches me.

“I guess they just passed it on to Ballycastle and decided to let the letter carrier take care of it from there.”

Anne said her entire family was stunned the letter had arrived.

“I’m sure that’s not the sort of thing Royal Mail would advise people to do!”

Anne explained her love for photography of the North Antrim coast.

“When I see something good, I have my phone or my camera with me and I have thousands of photos on my computer. I can never get rid of them. I like to take pictures, especially landscapes.

Cora Kelly Bell is about to post her letter

“I post quite a few photos on Facebook and Twitter and sometimes they use my photos in the BBC and UTV weather reports. People just found out that I take a lot of pictures of Fair Head.

“I can see Fair Head from our back garden. I can see Scotland from our back garden.

“There is nowhere like the North Coast, it is an amazing place to take pictures.”



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