An Artist Fills Her Sketchbook With Incredible Portraits


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Open one of Bea Obcenaand you will find a gallery of pencil drawings. The Philippines-based artist fills sheets of paper with celebrity portraits, copies of characters from famous paintings and more. Each page shows his masterful ability to render shading, texture and dimension in graphite.

Sketchbooks often provide insight into how an artist works. In the case of Obcena, there are pencil illustrations accompanied by numerous handwritten notes describing the content. Occasionally she adds technical comments on pencil values, shading and proportions. As a result, viewers can see how Obscena studies his subjects and brings them to life with his pencil.

From Hollywood starlets like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe to famous painting subjects like the mona-lisa and the The girl with the pearl, these sketchbooks contain an array of different faces. Although some of them are more familiar than others, they are all exceptional in their realistic qualities. In addition to drawing characters, Obcena also studies decorative patterns, animals, buildings and anything that catches his eye.

You can purchase original artwork, stickers, and other merchandise available through Obcena’s Etsy Shop.

Filipino artist Bea Obcena fills her sketchbook with exquisite pencil drawings.

Sketchbook Drawings by Bea ObscenaSketchbook Drawings by Bea ObscenaSketchbook Drawings by Bea Obscena

These little snippets of text offer insight into his techniques and a bit of information about his subjects.

Sketchbook Drawings by Bea ObscenaSketchbook Drawings by Bea ObscenaBea Obcena: Etsy | instagram

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