4 of this year’s must-have typography trends


According to a popular graphic design YouTube account, 2020 will see innovation and modernization in typography, ushering it into the new decade (for our pick of the best budget fonts, check out our free fonts (opens in a new tab) Publish).

Tom Satori, a designer with nearly a decade of experience, has put together a how-to video explaining 2020’s typographic trends, including how to use them and the pitfalls to avoid. You can watch it below or read on for a quick summary of font styles to use in the coming year.

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01. Bold and thick fonts

Bold fonts

(Image credit: Satori Graphics)

Satori (opens in a new tab) advises that the first typographic trend will be to go big and bold. “Heavy use of typography can act as a focal point and draw a viewer in as a visual starting point on your design,” he says.

He mentions the importance of choosing the right font family and suggests following two rules. First, limit heavy fonts to a short sentence or a few words, otherwise you risk overloading, and second, contrast heavy typography with thinner fonts, as this makes the overall design more visually appealing.

02. Typography to create shapes

Formed fonts

(Image credit: Satori Graphics)

The use of typography to create 2D and 3D shapes is about to take off in graphic design. Satori stresses that it’s important to make sure the use of the shape matches the design brief and not just a random choice that just drops a shape into your design for no reason or ” just because it looks cool”.

And don’t just focus on using form. “Make sure you adhere to other design principles while embracing this trend,” he says. “So use things like balance, focal points, contrast, etc.”

03. Maxi typography

Maxi typography

(Image credit: Satori Graphics)

The maxi trend, which debuted in 2019, is all about attention seeking. “Maxi is the use of typography so bold and heavy that it sometimes bleeds off the page, and it really takes center stage as a focal point,” says Satori.

You can create intrigue and interest with the font becoming obscured by other parts of the design, suggests Satori, and it’s important to remember that maxi typography should always be flat – with zero gradient and no 3D elements.

04. Semi-transparent use of text on design

Semi-transparent text

(Image credit: Satori Graphics)

A good choice for busy designs, semi-transparent text works to mix up the composition. “It’s a nice way to tie everything together, and again, a bold font choice here is a good move,” Satori says.

Satori completes the video with a quiz to help you consolidate your new knowledge. The video is a great continuation of the hottest typography trends (opens in a new tab) since the end of last year.

You can check out more of the designer’s ideas on his YouTube channel, Satori Graphics (opens in a new tab).

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